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Ode to The Poet and His Book [19 Apr 2011|09:02pm]
Ode to The Poet and His Book

Innocence lost of tales donned

doth remind the scholarly patron,

thou are built of arbitrating character,

through but a flip of oscillating chance.

On one hand the earnest pupil adorned,

embracing the illustrious intoxication

of momentously wondrous affairs aflame,

On the other a fragrant breeze forlorn,

so soothing as a midnight flower borrowed,

gently wailing in the moonlight brow.

The rarefied reminder of putrid pistons,

a fair but cruel mistress in life harrowed,

in remembrance it shall never be again,

granted an internally graceful glance.

An anthropological epilogue, in response to a literary piece of poetry I am currently writing a critical evaluation on.
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English Lit, Alice Walker, TS Eliot, and The Kinks [27 Jan 2011|07:00pm]
This is of an excerpt from a larger typed response in which we were assigned to discuss and reflect on select readings for English Lit.

For Reflection: Alice Walker - Not with a bang; but with a whimper.

“Not with a Bang but with a Whimper” appeals to our emotional attachment (or others simplified lack thereof) towards our brothers and sisters around the world. We as a species have become too detached from our natural social stage as human beings first and foremost, allowing ideologies such as nationalism, patriotism, gender, race, religious persuasion, belief systems, etc., to tear us apart at the seams. We all live and walk on the same earth, breathe the same atmosphere, feel the same spectrum of emotions, see the same stars, and are forced by the same laws of gravity and physics to live alongside each other. And in so doing, why not try to live as a prosperous community as stimulating equals instead of warring factions and rival adjudicators?

20th Century Man (1971) by The Kinks

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LJ Reconnect, Updates, Humanities, and Mark Twain [21 Jan 2011|10:43pm]
I have a feeling that I've been slacking a little (okay, maybe a lot) since the last time I posted, dealing with more important time consuming projects, such as work, school, and life. Not to fret, as if anyone cares, I will be posting up more of my nonsense as I have taken up more courses in humanities and the fine arts this semester in that of my academic pursuits. I need to sit down one of these days and go over my profile and past entries and trim whatever is no longer a necessity with the path my consciousness has gone down. I will also try to be more contributory with my impassioned personal research into the separated fields of humanities as well.

More will be coming shortly. Until then, I leave you this little gem that I found on youtube.

What is Man? (1906) by Mark Twain as read by Alex Kravitz

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Why is the ultimate question. [22 May 2010|04:08am]
Who, What, Where, When, and How can all be explained by the scientific method to some degree, if not presently, at least potentially with a high mark for accuracy. Why, however is extremely subjective, as it is a notion that can not be properly determined with precise accuracy from a third person perspective. All can wonder, theorize, and diagnose, but true understanding is seldom possible in our present state of consciousness. Such is the nature of a society collected of individual entities, why for one is not instinctively parallel to another. Why is also problematically suspect in its far reaching consequences of potential conclusions.
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Video Spotlight : South Park 200th Episode [22 Apr 2010|09:19am]
Part 01

Part 02
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Video Spotlight : Clash of the Gods - Thor [05 Dec 2009|03:52am]
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Psych Essay : Self Reflection [03 Nov 2009|09:33pm]
[ mood | busy ]

The Rand insertion will have to wait until I am finished with all my other coursework as it seems I'm going to be heftily busy this week and next for a lengthy five part essay assignment in comprehension. Fortunately for me, my psych class isn't so scruple and heavy handed in assigning lengthy creative writing projects as my Comprehension and Philosophy classes. While it takes a great degree of participation, most of the learning is done first hand instead of on a reflection, and argumentative debate process. So this essay isn't as long as normally you would find posted on here, as it had to be confined and condensed into double spacing in one page.

Assignment : Life's Mysteries

1. Describe two events happening in the world qhen you were nine-years old
2. Describe a major event that occurred in your teens – this can be a personal event or a national event.
3. If you are (or past) 21, what are (were) your personal goals and educational or vocational goals?
4. Where do you see yourself at the age of 65?
5. What contributions will you have made to society?

Ponder this quote:
“…we all begin with the natural equipment to live a thousand kinds of life but end in the end (sic) having lived only one.” Clifford Geertz (1973)

(submitted product)

The world events occurring when I was nine years old heavily impacted everyone on a world-wide scale, and still seems to have somewhat of a butterfly effect to this day. The Soviet Union formally dissolved, in which caused a successive domino effect, where several states declared independence and recognition from the civilized world. Boris Yeltsin was elected as first president to democratic Russia, and the Maastricht Treaty was signed, formally founding the European Union. Both Magic Johnson and Freddie Mercury publicly disclosed that they have contracted HIV, information on HIV and AIDS is made more prominent in the public spotlight, at the very least a more prominent role in my understanding of the external world. Mercury died just days after his disclosure of the disease due to complications, while Johnson still lives to this day. And lastly, not having as great an impact on me personally until later in my life, the Dead Sea Scrolls were finally revealed to the public, ultimately being the catalyst into how I came to view the world of organized religion and developed my opinions on faith, politics, philosophy, and other disciplines in humanities.

the rest..Collapse )

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Random scribbles [02 Nov 2009|04:22pm]
[ mood | sick ]

The finite ethereal connection,.is the answer, the spokes on the wheel.........There might be a God or a Original Creator, but one we will never physically know....and.... That requires personal faith where sensory perception is highly inaccurate. However, their essence....... the essence of God, is within us, all of us, we create and propel the wheel of life....... into a single higher consciousness. ONE complete entity that makes up the universe that we know, with all of our faults, anxieties, fears, tragedies, romances, and love.... ONE LOVE to rule them all.

without the answer, we will never know the true question. maybe we were never meant to know everything as we wish..

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Composition : Essay Research [02 Nov 2009|01:56am]
[ mood | energetic ]

Using the same issue you picked last week and will eventually research and argue in the next essay, state the issue and then write your position statement on the issue. Briefly state 3 arguments to support your position and one counter argument.

The topic I will be discussing will be what are the benefits to communal living arrangements in the modern world. One way of summarizing the arrangement of communal living is to give an average estimate of multiple mission statements found. To create a place where people get what they need, give what time (labor) and money (support) they can, and don't obsess over accumulating stuff that they don’t need. That right there is easily three good reasons that make communal living a positive endeavor but I will go further then that in my essay.

Usually found more prominent in less capitalistic countries, communal entities have a far reaching affect on those involved. It is more like an extended family, a gathering of like-minded neighbors, who wish to enjoy the peaceful and tranquil nature of being free and interdependent instead of plucked into a familiar caste system built around ignorance of birth or wealth. People generally confuse communes, with cultist ranches, or hippie farms, or say they are nothing but filthy dregs in society’s back yard. But that is not always the case, even if they do sometimes contain members that might think outside the approved norm from time to time.

Many communal ventures generally take care of their issues from within, in usually a more democratic process then you would find in the average city council meetings.A communal living arrangement is basically a place where you share ownership in everything equally across the board. There are no discrepancies in chore duties, leadership and security details, financial gains, or monopolistic proprietorship of lands and living/entertainment structures. Everything in a communal arrangement is shared equally, part for parcel, among the inhabitants.

As you can see I still have trouble trying to edit and cut my wording down to size but I'm pretty thrilled I was able to find something that I didn't know enough about and interests me enough into further research.., and wasn't whoring the spotlight like everyone else's differences of opinion on gay marriage.

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Philosophy Exam Essays [30 Oct 2009|01:48am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

A. In Learning Unit 1 we examined what philosophy is, what philosophers do, and how thinking philosophically is something different than what "practical men" do. Briefly define philosophy, referencing your text, and then explain it in your own words. Also, please explain Bertrand Russell's view about the value of studying philosophy.  Who is the "practical man", and how does this person's view towards philosophy differ?
Essay Answer ACollapse )
C. From Learning Unit 3 explain the shift in thinking away from dualism towards materialism. First explain dualism, its roots & explanation, then talk about why some in modern times no longer accept it. Do you think dualism or materialism is the superior view?
Essay Answer CCollapse )
D. From Learning Unit 4, What did Marx mean when he said that religion is the sigh of an oppressed people and that it is the "opiate of the masses?"  Is his the best explanation for religion's importance and popularity? What are other views that would explain the religious impulse within people?
Essay Answer DCollapse )
I would've rather posted them before I had to submit, to see if I could get any help on proofreading, but I've been having trouble trying to fill out the words. Its same thing going with my artwork, just seems like I have a heavy writer's block right now. Seems that I stress too much about the details and deadlines, and frustratingly just can't remember how to let it flow.

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